Thursday, 28 April 2011

New blog address

Hi to those few followers of my little blog on blogspot. I have moved my blog to my new website so if you fancy still keeping in touch you can go to the new address and follow me there as I cannot work out how to transfer you across!
Onwards and upwards!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

I am moving - virtually......

hello - long time no post.
But I am back and in a new space on-line, I have been busy building a new website (yes BUILDING) and it has taken many weeks, I am not totally finished but please take a look, give feedback and read new posts on my new blog.
If you fancy you can subscribe to new posts via the RSS feed at the top of the new blog page, the little orange heart on the right hand side at top, or via facebook.

Hope you like!

Monday, 10 January 2011

So many ways to see

Menai Suspension Bridge light box (with reflected flower shadow) by Sarah Wollerton

Happy 20 11, Happy 2000 and 11!!
Whichever way you choose to say it we are well and truly into a new year already.
Eek, 10 days down and all those promises to start eagerly on Jan 3rd very quickly fell by the wayside for me.
Still, here I am back at my desk and ready to start a new adventure! 
I have enrolled in an online, 'build your own' website course, with dynamic Tara Gentile of Scoutie Girl fame.
I do have a website but it is pretty much non-effective as I do not possess the where with all to manipulate it the way I would like (read, I am too computer illiterate) so I have decide the best way is to be shown and then to do. Of course this means making more decisions myself  about just how it will all look - which actually I would prefer to do, now I have a clearer direction in which to take my work.
I want my blog, my gallery, my info and a selling platform, all under one roof; with a concise and up to date feel that also reflects my personality. 
Hmmm hard task, but I will endeavour to achieve this, without too many tears, no tantrums (yeah right!), regular food breaks (taken at a table) and  with a sense of acceptance that what I create will be ok.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

White Christmas

Well it has been snowing, cold and icy for 5 days now-
with more snow forecast. 
The whole nation has come to a standstill with roads closed, 
airports in caos and only some trains running.
We have had more snow here on Anglesey than has been 
seen in 25 years.
So it means no adventures (except sledging down local hills) 
and no shopping jaunts.
The only thing we can do is bunker down, 
pull the blankets up to our chins 
and enjoy the company of local friends, food and of course pubs -
 the only things that really matter.
So a Merry Christmas to you - no matter where you are.
And let's hope for a fantastic 2011.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Abundance of greenery

My wreath with eucalyptus, fir, gum leaves, thistle (and always the Aussie),
 tiny painted silver  gum nuts

With snow on the ground and a distinct Arctic chill in the air a group of us got together to make Christmas wreaths - the first time I had ever made one. 
We had piles of greenery, berries, dried fruits and other gorgeous bits to decorate our wreaths with.
For me it was a really calming experience after 3 solid weeks of cutting, filing and pounding silver and constructing jewellery. 
I was able to switch off and just play with the resources on the table in front of me.
We all ended up with very different, beautiful and unique wreaths to hang on our doors.
Showing, I guess, a reflection of our personalities 
and moods on the day.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The coldest place on Earth?

A friend told me that on Sunday, the Uk 
was the coldest place on Earth! 
Hard to believe, but I can handle it if it continues 
to provide such spectacular scenes.
 Glancing out my window, whilst very hard at 
work for the last 3 weeks, 
the views have been one of the few things keeping me going!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Oh my Dali!

Eye of the time brooch - Salvador Dali
Taken at an exhibition currently showing at MNAC Gallery in Barcelona
The other night I was watching, 'Turn Back Time - The High Street' , a program about a study of  Britain's high street and how, over the eras, the face, style and needs of the high street have changed. Essentially there is a 'cast' of everyday people who, for a week, must embrace the way of life of a particular time period and stock their shops  with the wares of that time.
This week it was about the 1930's experience and showed how quickly, patrons of the high street were starting to embrace the notion of mass produced products that were beginning to be sold in most shops.
At the end of the program, the shop owners are judged on how much money  they make and the methods they use to make that money. Naturally, the shops selling products that are readily available were the ones who not only sold the most stock, but were also the ones who worked less hours and therefore enjoyed a better quality of life. 
The toy maker, bakers and dress maker, who all relied on their skills in producing labour intensive goods were the ones who fared less well. At the end of the program, the dress maker who had spent countless hours producing 3 bespoke dresses for her customers, was slightly criticised for having not sold one, 'off the peg ' dress in the whole week. She had though, as one presenter pointed out, shown that there was a demand for a dressmaker who would and could make special, one-off pieces for her clients.
After watching I was left with the sense that as Artists, Makers and Designers we could  so often be tempted and encouraged to take the easy route by buying mass produced components and reassembling them and selling them as our own work; but thankfully there is a drive and strong sense of individuality that prevents many of us from doing just that. 
Dali, with his extraordinary imagination and skill (although he was the Designer but not Artisan of these jewellery pieces), reminds me that it is so important to have people who are willing to push the boundaries and produce bespoke, original, inspiring and sometimes totally, 'over the top' pieces of work.

Ruby lips and teeth like pearls brooch - Salvador Dali
Taken at an exhibition currently showing at MNAC Gallery in Barcelona