Monday, 10 January 2011

So many ways to see

Menai Suspension Bridge light box (with reflected flower shadow) by Sarah Wollerton

Happy 20 11, Happy 2000 and 11!!
Whichever way you choose to say it we are well and truly into a new year already.
Eek, 10 days down and all those promises to start eagerly on Jan 3rd very quickly fell by the wayside for me.
Still, here I am back at my desk and ready to start a new adventure! 
I have enrolled in an online, 'build your own' website course, with dynamic Tara Gentile of Scoutie Girl fame.
I do have a website but it is pretty much non-effective as I do not possess the where with all to manipulate it the way I would like (read, I am too computer illiterate) so I have decide the best way is to be shown and then to do. Of course this means making more decisions myself  about just how it will all look - which actually I would prefer to do, now I have a clearer direction in which to take my work.
I want my blog, my gallery, my info and a selling platform, all under one roof; with a concise and up to date feel that also reflects my personality. 
Hmmm hard task, but I will endeavour to achieve this, without too many tears, no tantrums (yeah right!), regular food breaks (taken at a table) and  with a sense of acceptance that what I create will be ok.