Wednesday, 8 September 2010

peeling paintwork, shabby shutters, cassis & sun

Front entance, St. Remy, Provence

Street light, Dijon, France
The olive groves, firs & skies that inspired Van Gogh,  St. Remy de Provence
Medical sketches of equipment uses

Shutters & balcony, Dijon, France
Shutters, Orange, France

          Just a few pics to tantalise the tastebuds, as 
ours surely have been.    
Fine wine, too much cheese, bread to die for, olives and fruit - 
all bursting with the taste and sensations of the sun.
We are in Provence and I really cannot believe a place can be this magical.
For those of you who know of my door and shutter fetish - 
I am in a state of bliss with photo opportunities around every corner.     

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helen said...

Gorgeous images! -so happy for you to be having this experience-it sounds - and looks - divine!