Monday, 30 August 2010

Bon Viaje!

tiny house squished between rocks, Brittany, France.

We are off tomorrow on our adventure!
Picking up a camper van and heading to warmer climates in search of beaches, quaint villages and more gourmet food and vino than we have experienced in a while. I will endeavour to post along the way, so if you are keen for some stories and photos of our travels pop back and take a look.
Until we meet again - Bon Viaje


Gillian Davies said...

what is that! wow ! Gx

kriket said...

hey gillian, it is a funny little cottage tucked in between 2 massive boulders on the Brittany Coast. There is a stretch of coastline where there are huge, massive red granite boulders falling into the ocean and rising from it. Amazing and beautiful place.