Friday, 29 October 2010

Photoshop Tutorial

Mastered the art in drilling perfect holes in my sea glass

As my, ' JUST get organised & stop wasting time', endeavour continues, I am undertaking a 2 hour intensive photoshop tutorial in;
'How to get my photos looking great for uploading to the web (because even though the look great on the LED screen of my SLR, once downloaded to the computer the colour is all wrong (why is this so?)'
Now 2 hours may not be enough time at all to get totally to grips with this all powerful and mighty program, but it will be long enough to get me nice and cosy and familiar with the basics.
I have tried to teach myself, trolled the Internet looking for help, contorted myself inside out and even pleaded with the computer gods to just please do it for me whilst my back is turned. 
But alas all that has failed.
So I have booked a session with a friend who hopefully can point me in the right direction - and if that fails perhaps she will be kind enough to do it for me whilst my back is turned.

1 comment:

Miss Blue said...

Might not hurt to invest in a new monitor - I think all your shots look great and I have a kickass monitor ;)

Owe you an email, one coming soon, promise! xx