Tuesday, 21 December 2010

White Christmas

Well it has been snowing, cold and icy for 5 days now-
with more snow forecast. 
The whole nation has come to a standstill with roads closed, 
airports in caos and only some trains running.
We have had more snow here on Anglesey than has been 
seen in 25 years.
So it means no adventures (except sledging down local hills) 
and no shopping jaunts.
The only thing we can do is bunker down, 
pull the blankets up to our chins 
and enjoy the company of local friends, food and of course pubs -
 the only things that really matter.
So a Merry Christmas to you - no matter where you are.
And let's hope for a fantastic 2011.

1 comment:

Miss Blue said...

Your Anglesey snow makes our London snow look like icing sugar ;) Gorgeous photo!