Thursday, 15 July 2010

Lovin' Lime & Turquoise

Ok I have started to play a bit more with my circle serious - inspired in part by the amazing pebbles on the beaches and coves of Penmon Point, here on Anglesey. They are all so perfect, with smooth grey, black and charcoal surfaces delicately laced with the most amazing white lines. They look as if a master Artist has sat painstakingly for hours, decorating each and every one, until the whole beach is covered in  these magic works of art. It is those lines which I find amazing and now the lines of my circles are starting to morph slightly. Getting flatter and squarer and a little optical.
So the photos are not so clear but I have finished a few pieces which will be in Janet Bell Gallery by noon.
Also the lime green and pale turquoise beads are striking a cord - perhaps because it is Summer and the colours are fresh - a little like the weather!
Best of all tomorrow we are off to Lovebox Festival in our beloved  Londres. Roxy Music, Grace Jones, Empire of the Sun and Hotchip are on our list so far. A quick  make that long outing to the Borough Markets , Thai meal with friends and general walking around in awe at all the people,  buildings, shops and culture (we are a little isolated here) should stem our cravings for a while.


Nadia said...

One order to East Yorkshire: green ear rings for me please!!

helen said...

gorgeous! - summer is having an effect - enjoy the trip!