Monday, 26 July 2010

Pop ups

Love the shape of these poppies once the petals have dropped off. The pods seem in such stark contrast to the delicate, silk-like petals they support, which seem to only last a few days and drop off with the first gust of wind.
Yesterday I was talking with a fellow jewellery designer and we were discussing the idea of a pop up shop over Christmas. We are part of a larger network of designers all based in north Wales and we feel it would be  really beneficial to have a group show in the lead up to Christmas. Galleries are a little difficult to secure in this area and so we thought about staging a  pop up shop.
Pop up shops seem to be a current trend and a clever way of cutting overheads and making a strong impact if done correctly and with enough marketing. I am sure there must be plenty of information online but if any of you have been involved in, visited any pop-up shops or come across information about them will you please share?


Miss Blue said...

Found an article from last Christmas in the Guardian

Seems a very productive idea if you time it right and find the right location. In the current market, empty shopfronts on a high street must be in plentiful supply!

kriket said...

ta - yes there are loads of empty shops in this area - a pretty depressing sight.

helen said...

Beaut idea, Krik; best of luck with it.