Sunday, 15 August 2010

the stress is mounting

glass pieces about to become body adornments

I have so much making to do before: 
1. My Ma arrives from Oz in 1 week &
2. Mark & I head off on our 4 week (yes 4 weeks) campervan extravaganza of France & Spain!

So I have lots of pieces to finish for various galleries & websites and I am not sure how I will get through it all.
I have been thinking of late, perhaps I should employ an assistant, someone who can do a lot of the smaller jobs so I can get on with the bigger ones. Because there are so many aspects involved in running your own creative business there just never seems enough time to get it all done.
It occurred to me I could train Modj to perhaps do a few of the more unskilled jobs, she is after all very intelligent and clever and thorough. So can you appreciate my disappointment, when after only 10 minutes on the job I came downstairs to find her less than productive. It seems I am not paying her enough and she is reluctant to get out of bed for less than 100 biscuits a day.


Miss Blue said...

It's a dog's life, I tell ya. She might also find threading necklaces difficult without opposable thumbs. ;)

Karin said...

Hey there babe - you will get it all done - that's our make-up - we always seem to manage somehow - just handed my first assignment in and now have to catch up on the other subject! Mum is so looking forward to seeing you both. I think it is a great idea that you look at getting someone to help you.

Mark de Bruyn said...

get up off yer ass Modj you little slapper - woof-woof!

Fiona said...

OOh I miss you modj. Let her sleep. She's too beautiful to work. She is destined for greatness as...........a model.