Thursday, 26 August 2010

Private Spaces - a peek into the studio of Oona Patterson

Image from 'Ream' above & below


Image from 'The Evening Tide'

Image from 'The Inquirer'

I am curious as to how other Artists go about creating their work and what tools and spaces are needed in order to achieve and hone their craft.
I love nothing better than the privilege of a  peek into someone's private work space or studio. As a result of my curiosity I will be regularly exploring these spaces of  fellow makers and designers, giving you the opportunity to also take a look.

Oona Patterson is a paper artist, poet and story teller based in the UK. She creates the most intriguing, intricate and wonderful sculptural worlds  out of  paper to accompany her stories and poems. 
Each and every section is delicately and precisely hand cut, and her attention to detail is phenomenal. You need to take the time to look closely at her work and allow your eyes to wander over the details of the surface of the paper in order to  absorb all the tiny figures, creatures and landscapes. The stories that unfold are both delightful and at times poignant and I can't help but wander if there isn't sometimes a hidden message in her work.
Oona was kind enough to give us a glimpse of a behind the scenes view of her artful world.

Hi Oona, can you tell us what you design and make? 
I make small sculptures, photographs and have recently started experimenting with animation.

What materials do you use?
For my sculptures I always use paper and most often paper that’s been used for other things already, such as books and newspapers.

How often would you spend at your workspace per day and do you find it is it enough or not enough (or even too much time)?
Not enough time at all!
I also work as a graphic designer/marketing assistant for a small derelict theatre. This job provides inspiration for  my art, it is still creative and most importantly supports me financially. As a result  however it has meant I can only really spend a maximum of 10 hours a week on artwork.

And yet you manage to create such detailed and intricate work. What would you change about your work space if you could?
My studio is in my house which has meant I need to keep it clean and tidy (I also share it with my boyfriend), really I would like to be surrounded by paper and mess. 
It would also be nice to have a studio that puts on its own exhibitions to keep some outside pressure on me to create and exhibit.

The dream of many makers so what stops you from making those changes
At the moment I have the space at home to keep my work space close to me which means that I can maximise my  time and get as much out of it as possible - which is what I need right now.

Do you have a view from a window and do you find it inspiring? 
Yes and yes, I can see lots of trees and squirrels and birds. 
I’ve always loved drawing and making trees, so the inspiration is right before my eyes.

Where do you sell your work?
The sculptures are for sale either as commission directly from me or from exhibitions. I don’t currently sell photographic prints.

Thanks Oona for this glimpse; if you want to see more images of her work follow me here.

Image from 'Ream'

Oona's current workspace

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Fiona said...

This is incredible work. I love the thought of words and pages coming to life to create these.