Monday, 2 August 2010

This time 9 years ago.....almost

'blue door'
 Chiang Mai, Thailand August 2001

    Memories of lost families, Buddhist Temple
China Town Malacca, Malaysia. July 2001

One of the reasons we are living where we currently do, is due to all the travel we have done together in the past. It is largely the experiences of travelling and  living in so many diverse cultures that has informed and influenced  my design style over the years. I have so many photos packed into so many boxes - still not in photo albums that I feel it is time I did justice to these experiences.
So on occasion,  I have decided I will look back over time to relive and revive these memories, in an effort to recall those past experiences.
 I remember being mesmerised by Malacca, especially China Town. It had the most amazing houses, shops and alleys just oozing history, atmosphere and intrigue. Walking the streets of the town absorbing the smells of  cooking, incense and warm, sultry air was just incredible.

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