Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Fabulous Liverpool

After a weekend that did not quite go to plan - due to a certain ash cloud that threatened  European air space, we were very disappointed not to be flying to The Netherlands to visit old friends we had not seen for years. We decided we needed to lift our spirits and so jumped in the car and drove to Liverpool - or as we like to refer to it Liverducks. 
It is a wonderful city, full of iconic, glorious buildings that would not look out of place on big Hollywood, blockbuster movie. For me the city has the right blend of attitude, urban grittiness, and mixed architecture from gorgeous Art Deco, restored docks to cutting edge class. I just really feel at home in that city and love the Liver Building the most (above) with it's huge clock towers and liver birds. 
All these photos were taken by my Mum, who also loved the city when she visited last year.

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mady dooijes said...

i could cry when you could not come, such a shame, but i know we will see eachother soon. glad you went to do something else. x