Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The talented Mr Steven Vella

Ceremonial Staff with bone & feathers, 2009. 220cm x 58x 10
palm branches, feathers, bones, tusks, beads

Last month a good friend of mine held an exhibition of new works at NG Art Gallery in Sydney, Australia. Steven is such a talented Artist working across so many mediums from mosaic, painting, costume design to these wonderful, exotic creations. I could not be at the exhibition but the photos on the NG Gallery website give a fabulous taste of what I missed. 
Tell me, how can one man be so talented, inspiring and gorgeous to boot?

Japanese ghost story whilst listening to Yoko Ono 155x80x10
found organic material, horsehair, cotton
Wheel of fire 2010 60x 60x18 found organic material, pine dowel, enamel

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