Tuesday, 4 May 2010


design sketches/works in progress

This week I am really trying to tick off a series of tasks that are essential to me getting my jewellery designs online. I seem to read over and over, a common theme among Artsists, Designers and Crafters (yes I do think we deserve Capital Letters)- and that is the effort it takes to perform so many aspects of their art.
We must be good at designing, sourcing the right materials, mastering the skills to use said materials, finishing pieces to a high standard and packaging or marketing our 'products'. Then we have to sell them. We must find the right outlets, galleries or boutiques; all the while fostering  relationships and networking with other Artists, groups and the general public. If we want to sell online then we also need to be able to take really good photographs. Now I took photography at Uni, I have taken loads of photos in the past - great shots both with instant cameras, SLR's and digital cameras. BUT mostly they have been of subject matter larger than a piece of jewellery. Jewellery, especially silver jewellery is so hard to photograph. While there are many great tutorials and tips on the web, it is still really hard to master. So that is my continuing task for today, to photograph my pieces to a standard that is expected and reflects the quality of the work. It may also serve to remind you that when you look at a handmade product and think it is too expensive, spare a moment to reflect on just how much effort and skill has gone into producing that one-off piece.

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