Saturday, 8 May 2010

Modji has an issue with the Postman.......

We think maybe Modji is starting to lose the plot, go long-long, lose her marbles/faculties, go crazy in the coconut or to put it kindly, decline in her old age. She has developed an issue with the Postman - suddenly he is enemy number one. Not so strange for a dog you may say - most dogs HATE the Postman and in fact the anticipation of a 'right good barking' at the Postman is all that gets them through the day - that and the endorphin high they get each time you walk back into the room or the house - 'OOOOH ya back - missed ya, love ya, this is the best day ever - you are BACK!'
Some very good friends of ours have a dog - a black lab and he loves barking and going for the Postman (or anyone in uniform). I remember in Australia one day, I was driving with him in the car and I had all the windows down - it was so hot. Tex would  take up the whole back seat, constantly moving from side to side, looking, waiting, hoping to catch a glimpse of a Postie. On this particular day we pulled up at some lights and a Postie on his bike pulled up beside us. Tex could not believe his luck - he gathered up all his strength and went right off. The poor guy nearly fell of his moped - he took off so fast he ran the red light.
I was laughing so hard I could not drive - I did feel bad after.
The weird thing is Modj was witness to all his behaviour all the time - for years. But she never once reacted - she would look at Tex as if he was mad; 'Just what is the point?' she would seem to sigh.
But here in the UK - things have changed. Now suddenly she gets the point - and is making up for all those lost years of not barking at the Postie! So now when the Postman is about 3 doors away she hears the tell-tale sign of a postbox shutter (most are attached to the front door) and she goes ballistic. She stands at the door all her hair raised, tail up and just goes for it. Of course he is in no danger - perhaps that is the point we think, she knows she cannot really do anything so she can act as fierce as she wants (bit like when she sees a rabbit through the car window - always good to have a barrier so you do not really have to act on your threats!).
We come down to tell her to stop and she turns her back on us and gives a flip of her bum as if to say - 'HA I got rid of him - just through my sheer physical force! He has gone....... but I know he will be back.... OH yes he will be back and I will be waiting for him!'


Fiona said...

Daw Modge. You are the sweetest dog I know. Miss you. Love you.

Karin said...

Ah! The joys of having dogs! Miss Chardy thinks she can take on dogs 8 times the size of her and JD thinks he can get in on the act as well!! Makes walks more or less enjoybable then have to come home have a glass of wine to calm my nerves! Must remember not to walk past big massive huge dogs (I am sure they are horses!)

kriket said...

Ha ha ha! But look at Modj - she could not hurt a flea!