Thursday, 6 May 2010

Photos & bad backs

Turquoise ceramic bead st.silver hoops
Green ceramic beads st. silver drops

I finally, after 2 days, ended up with some shots of my work that I am happy with. I would not say they are totally brilliant but I think I have enough to work with and hopefully over time I will achieve better results. I must say it is harder than you would imagine trying to get good even photos. I tried all sorts of ways to manipulate both the light and the camera and have learnt a huge amount! The most essential things are a tripod and a light box, which I made 3 times! Each time modifying it a little bit until I got it right.
Also because my work has varying elements to consider - shiny ceramic beads and hand beaten silver (that seriously reflects the light) I had to play around with paper reflectors, backdrops and all sorts. Now I know why quite a few photography websites recommend a remote control shutter release!
I was contorted in many different angles - no yoga pose or game of twister I have ever performed has come close to matching these positions I found myself in. By midday yesterday I could not cope any longer and ended up booking in for a 25 minute back massage at the local beauty clinic! Result though - now I can walk again.
After my day was over I rewarded myself and Modj (for her ever enduring patience) with a walk to our favourite beach-combing cove - it was not sunny but a gorgeous grey mist had enveloped the mountains and made everything look dreamy and silky.

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