Monday, 28 June 2010

Birds and Tulips

'Lonely bird' by Julia Ogden

mosaic sample tile, me

I have had a thing for years about tulips and always thought I would like to use them as inspiration for mosaic designs. Last year I also developed a passion for birds - not in terms of going out and watching them and ticking their illustrations off in little bird identification books but in the representation of and Artists interpretation of birds.
They seem to pop up so often in designers work; sweet little, quirky birds with bursting personalities and a confidence I would love to have. I have started noticing them in jewellery designs, illustrations, paintings, and even textiles - they are everywhere. I have in fact, finished a mosaic with fat little, puffed up robins in it (surely one of the cockiest of the bird world). My mosaic also has tulips in it and I only remembered I had finished  it and pasted it up but not actually installed it when I came across the photo at the top. So that is one of my tasks for this week - finish  the mosaic and get it up onto the wall.

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Karin said...

I love Tulips as well - I find them just so beautiful and I remember Michael and Jasmine arranging for a bunch of yellow tulips for my Birthday in 2008 to be sent to me at work - just so beautiful!