Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Mount Snowdon is the mountain you can see in the middle, just to the left of my Dad's head. This was taken a few hours before we attempted to climb the peak that has been taunting Mark and I for the last 2 years.
Ok, so by European standards Snowdon may not be all that high but it proved enough of a challenge for these intrepid explorers! We thought we were walking one of the easier tracks up and so only allowed a few hours to make the climb. However after making it 2 thirds of the way up, I decided to call it quits as I had a cold that was causing me a little discomfort. Also seeing the peak from a closer angle I appreciated it was not quite a spring jaunt to get to the top. I also figured Modj, at the tender age of 14, may make it all the way up but may not want to come back down! So I sensibly turned around.Mark and Pa however were not perturbed and continued on their way, quickly disappearing before Modji's and my eyes like 2 little Hobbits out on an adventure into Middle Earth.
Hmmmmm it seems we should have read the guide book a little more thoroughly - for as it turns out those 2 little Hobbits took over 4 hours to return to me, 15 km's later and courtesy of a mini-cab they turned up at the car park where we had set off from.  It seems they somehow wandered up onto the wrong trail and for the final ascent were actually climbing one of the hardest sections - a stretch they recommend you have serious mountaineering experience to traverse! 
But as they were so very close they could not stop and just had to make it to the top. So, after risking serious damage to limbs, hearts and heads and with a sheer drop to one side and nothing but boulders to the other; our 2 little Hobbits huffed and puffed and finally hauled themselves over the last rocky outcrop to be met with a wondrous view, like no other they had seen in a very long while. They concurred however, that under no circumstance would they be returning the way they had come and so walked an easier track down the other side of the mountain.


Karin said...

Wow! What a view and I am looking forward to hearing the whole story from Dad! Love Kar

Miss Blue said...

You're all bonkers. I wouldn't have made it out of the carpark. Particularly if there was a tea shop there. :)

Modj has the right idea ;)

Kerry said...

Big hug for Modj.xK