Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Getting Started

Modj welcoming visitors to my gallery, Durham. 2008
jewellery display Durham 2007
Becca Pely-Fry & Chrissie Morgan setting up Bec's exhibition 2007
Opening, Steve Sproate's exhibition, Durham 2007

Hmmm why is it sometimes we find it so difficult to get started? To pick up from where we left off and just get on with it? We can spend hours and hours procrastinating, letting the lizard brain convince us this is the best way - take it slow no fast moves. 
Eventually though, we have to shake ourselves out of it and force ourselves, if necessary, to just start. I think, for me, part of the problem is deep down inside I know once I start the process of the next project it becomes an almost obsession, which then in turn takes up all my time and suddenly there is not time left for those little things I would have procrastinated over in the beginning! 
They suggest trying to get the right life balance, but I know once the  creative desire kicks in it's not so simple. I read a great interview on just this topic here if you are interested in someone else's perspective. When I look back at the photos above I remember just how much can happen when finally the floodgates open. 

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