Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Jack's (Comfort) Curry

Whenever Mark is away I always end up making a huge pot of his Dad's special curry. 
It is so easy to make, so tasty and it reminds me of so many memories. In it's way it is a perfect comfort food. The best Masala to use is Packo masala blend (if you can find it) and the best chutney is Mrs Ball's Chutney. I always add aubergine (brinjal) and potatoes. Last night I got really adventurous and added coconut milk - YUM. Some friends are coming to help me eat it tomorrow night  - because as Jack always said it is best if cooked the day before and allowed to stand over!

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mady dooijes said...

you still go on about mrs ball's chutney... can't wait to taste jack's curry, i hope it will be soon. x