Wednesday, 16 June 2010


gorgeous colours on a gorgeous day

I had an email from a Dr de Bruyn, telling me he was not in Singapore any more (before Borneo) but had absconded to Thailand. 
He is supposed to be working - instead he is sitting on a beach or beside a pool in Thailand. There is something dramatically wrong with this scenario. I am here in cool, windy Wales and he is in hot, sunny Thailand - where everything and everyone seems so impossibly beautiful and exotic and serene. 
Not to mention the outstanding food.
But wait, I am being unkind, because in fact we have been having beautiful weather since Dr de Bruyn left.
Gorgeous, sunny, champagne days - the kind that make the mountains shine in all their glory. 
When the sun sets behind them the outline of the ridges against the clear sky, echoed with a faint line of light is truly breathtaking.
So enjoy your cocktail Mark, I am off to salute the mountains and sip on a glass of champagne!


Mark de Bruyn said...

I am working dammit - working on my tan :-)

Mark de Bruyn said...

had a green curry for lunch, damned tasty! miniature eggplant and all - wish you were here my babe :-(

mady dooijes said...

i am smiling xxx
don't shrimp up mark...

Karin said...

Ah sounds like there is more than just work happening!!