Friday, 4 June 2010

Garden on the Moon

We have had a bit of a tumultuous week.
Suddenly some plans that we thought would carry us neatly and clearly through the next few years have evaporated and left us feeling a little stunned. Not so much that we cannot cope - it is just now we have to think and make decisions that will decide our near future. We are at a fork in the road and the signs are not clear - east or west?  The choice is hard.
Looking through my old photos to inspire me to remember how far I personally have come in my own work; I came across this image that I had forgotten about.
It is a photo from a production produced and performed by a group of people who are very inspirational. I worked as an arts development tutor for alot of years for The Cerebral Palsy League in Australia. The day respite centre I worked in was a wonderful, pioneering organisation and as a collective we created many awe inspiring arts projects, public art works, controversial exhibitions and this performance entitled, 'A Garden on the Moon'.
Performed at night in the open air it cleverly utilised silhouettes, music, colour and  pattern  to tell the story of one of the participants who had been born with severe cerebral palsy and who had  endured years of heartache and isolation due to the ignorance of the time in which he was born. It was a mesmerising ride to watch this tale with all it's heartache, humour and soul. It was uplifting and thinking back to it I remember walking away from that performance feeling humbled by the notion that at least I have the luxury of choice.
So east or west?
Who knows but bring it on I reckon' we can handle the ride.


Mark de Bruyn said...

damn straight! bring it on yeeehaaa

mady dooijes said...

you 2 can handle the ride for sure...
a garden on the moon i watched with tears in my eyes- it was beautiful

Miss Blue said...

It occurs to me that in the past, those times when the going's been tough have been the catalyst for you two to create some of your best plans. I suspect if everything was easy, you'd be bored :)

helen said...

so true! I always say - if we can wake up in the morning and we have choice - we are rich. Thank you for the reminder and memories of special people.

Remember John Lennon's song! Your life is - now! and it will work out fine - all experience adds to the warp and weft of the individual tapestry.